Custom Wedding Rings

A piece of jewelry is something you will wear for years and years. Sometimes, even your entire life. With something that is with you everyday, it can be really important to customize the piece and make it exactly as you want. Whether it be small tweaks to a setting or designing a piece from scratch, we are happy to help.

Custom Wedding Rings

Jewelry is an art form and a piece that appeals to you may be as simple or complex as you want. A single diamond or a hundred diamonds might make up your perfect engagement ring. With our over three decades of expertise and hands-on experience with a variety of pieces, we can help you find the perfect ring.

There is something deeply personal when gifting a ring that your significant other will wear every day.  As such, a ring should truly expand on your vision and ideas for design.

Wax design and sketch of a ring designed
4 rings in gold stacked together

Custom Engagement Rings

A custom engagement ring is certainly not a necessity. There are a variety of common and popular styles that we stock that are ready to go in our showcase. However, sometimes those pieces aren't exactly what you are looking for.

In that case, we are happy to work with you and design a piece from the ground up starting at the wax level. Although it adds complexity and takes longer than a pre-designed ring, that invested time and money can be incredibly meaningful down the road.

Soldering Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

We also offer soldering, which is a common tool jewelers use when two rings are worn side-by-side. When wearing them next to each other every day, the rings slowly wear down and can cause serious problems. By soldering the rings together, it prevents this degradation. Once they are fused together, it makes a more enjoyable experience to wear and they can still be taken apart by a goldsmith at a later.

A wedding set with 2 diamond engagement rings and 1 eternity band