Custom Wedding Rings

The best part about jewelry is you can make your piece as simple or complex as you want. A single diamond or an incredibly complex ring with tons of diamonds are both possible. With our decades of experience, world-class jewelry and access to the world's best suppliers, we can make sure your dream comes true.

A wedding ring is a heart felt gift that your significant other will wear every day of their life. It is possibly one of the most memorable gifts that you can give, and there's no better way to show your love then by making a custom wedding ring. Designing a piece of jewelry together can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and most certainly an amazing memory.

Custom Engagement Rings

A custom engagement ring is a huge step in founding a long lasting relationship. If you know exactly what style and design your partner wants, it may be a perfect time to hand craft the engagement ring of your choice. Taking the time to build a custom ring means you can pick exactly what style you want.

Soldering Your Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

A common problem is the rings not staying aligned together and rubbing down on one another. That is why it is incredibly common for the two to be soldered together. We physically fuse the rings together, which is better for the rings themselves and can be a more enjoyable experience to wear. It keeps them together so you don't have to worry.

And the best part is this process is also completely reversible. In fact, if you want to size the rings down the round, we will likely have to separate the rings at that time anyway!To accompany your custom engagement ring often is a custom designed wedding band. This band fits perfectly alongside your engagement ring. Also, adding the band can make for an amazing surprise on the wedding day, especially for couples that designed the wedding ring together.