Scrap Metal

Buying Scrap Gold and Silver

Do you have broken pieces of Gold or Silver Jewelry lying around, collecting dust?   What about old Sterling Flatware, Natural Gold Nuggets or anything Gold or Silver?  The good news is, we can pay you for it!   Coins & Carats will give you a current, honest quote and then you can decide what to do.  Selling your scrap metal can be a great idea when you're strapped for cash or just need some extra money.


Whether it's in working condition or it's broken, we'll buy it from you if it has gold or silver in it. This can be items such as old rings, chains, dental gold, sterling flatware, or sterling jewelry. Coins & Carats Inc will buy these items at 60 to 70% of the melt value, which is much more than other places will offer you. Come on in to our shop and compare — you'll find that we're the best!


We are the best to handle buying scrap precious metals since we've built an honest reputation over two decades. Traveling dealers and our competitors will often weigh your items light so they can avoid paying you a decent price for what you have to offer. We are a trustworthy company that will weight all your scrap gold accurately and then pay you better prices than any other place. With our knowledge and expertise, you'll never be wronged when you choose Coins & Carats Inc to sell your scrap metals at.
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