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The Love family founded Coins and Carats in 1991, opening the store in downtown Kalispell, where it remains today. The store remains family run, and consistently provides the best quality, price and customer service for engagement sets, wedding bands, Montana sapphires, and gold and silver bullion.

Our Services During the Pandemic

While our physical location is closed to the public, we are still buying and selling. Click below to find out about our services during this time.

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Montana Sapphires

We have been providing Kalispell, Whitefish and the Flathead Valley with hundreds of different sapphires to choose from for 30 years now. We have all different colors of Montana Sapphires as well as a massive range of sizes in Yogo Sapphires. Come in today to explore the actual selection or explore our catalog of settings.

Montana Sapphires

We Buy Gold

Have old, broken, or unused jewelry laying around? What about sterling silver flatware, or a gold chain that you no longer like. Come in and we would be happy to buy it from you. We consistently pay the top price in the valley for melt.
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At Coins and Carats, we believe in maintaining long-standing commitments with exceptional individuals, organizations, events and institutions in domains as varied as exploration, sports, arts & culture, science, and education.
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