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Incorrectly graded jewelry can be disastrous, especially if lost. Insurance appraisals, performed by trained experts are a critical aspect of protecting your jewelry. Appraisals are performed by our expert staff, able to grade, photograph and evaluate all types of jewelry. Transparency means that we are able to write down the specifications of the jewelry while you wait, meaning you don't have to leave the piece. Most stores ship the piece across the country to stores like ours to be evaluated. With us, you don't have to be without your piece at all. Our appraisals are accepted by all major insurance agencies. This value will provide you a comfortable value from which you would be able to replace it with if the item was lost or stolen.

J.B. Love

Owner and founder of Coins and Carats, J.B. Love is a proud graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. His expert appraisals offer complete peace of mind for your jewelry to be insured with. He is also happy to walk you through the value and quality of your piece.


If you have any paperwork on the ring, past appraisals, original receipts, or grading on the stones, make sure to bring them. They will help us get a more accurate report done on your piece which can help the insurance value.

Leaving Pieces

We don't need your piece for the full time we are doing the appraisal. Simply call ahead, and you can swing by with it and we can take the measurements, photos and grade it while you wait.

Picture of coins and carats jewelry appraisal form