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Montana's Largest Coin Dealer

Because of the large quantity of coins we have, we don't have 99% of them on display. This means it is best if you come in with a list of dates and a price range! If you have no idea, just come in and we can help you find the perfect gift for any price range.

A treasure trove

J.B., our coin expert, has been working with rare collectible coins his whole life. He has amassed a wonderful supply of coins ranging from paper money to graded gold coins.

Silver Dollar History

Montana was the last state to use silver dollars in circulation. Because of this, the state has a substantially larger proportion of old silver dollars and experienced coin dealers. Our family has 2 generations of experience dealing nationwide with U.S. silver dollars. We also carry a wide variety of PCGS and NGC coins. These are wonderful for numismatic coins because their grade (or condition) is recognized worldwide and is easily tradable.

Guide to what you should bring in to have looked at!

Many people call in every day asking if they have found a valuable coin in circulation. It can be a lot of fun to scour coins for possibly valuable finds. This is a list of coins that are worth more!

A brief guide to coin Grading

Coin grading can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. While it is still very difficult to gain the ability to grade a coin, understanding the grades can assist in valuing and buying coins. Coins are graded on a 70-point grading scale with 1 being the worst condition and 70 being perfect mint state. The naming conventions can also lead to confusion, such as the grade of "Good" being a 4 out of 70 while "Fine" is 12.