Jewelry Repair

In-House Goldsmith

Many jewelry stores, especially larger chain stores ship customer jewelry off-site for repair. This increases the chances of difficulties during repair. Our repairs don't have to leave the safety of our own store. They are securely stored in our safe and worked on by a master goldsmith, previously producing jewelry for Tiffany and Co. Always feel free to come in for a free check of your jewelry and a free cleaning and buffing.

Picture of a jeweler measuring a broken ring size
Goldsmith at work at goldbench

Jewelry Repair Options

We provide a wide variety of jewelry repair ranging from sizing to custom pieces. The most common repairs that rings need would be prong retipping, stone tightening, soldering, rhodium plating and reshanking. However, sometimes you might want to change out a stone or even upgrade your diamond.

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How often should I have my jewelry checked?
We recommend checking having your every day wear rings checked every 6 months. This process is really quick and just verifies that your stones are safe and secured by the prongs.
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What is the cost of having my rings cleaned?
Do you have a GIA graduate?
Yes! Owner, JB Love is a GIA proud alumni of the Gemological Institute of America. You can leave your pieces with complete peace of mind.
How long will a repair take?
This will largely depend on the time of year, ranging anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on how many repairs we are getting each day. Just give us a call to find out the current wait time.