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Here are questions a lot of people have:

General Questions

Who has the best price in the valley?
What does "Karat" or 14K Mean?
What is white gold?
What is my silver flatware worth?
Do you buy diamonds?
Selling a ring? Check with where you bought it!
Frequently asked questions

Selling Your Gold & Silver Jewelry & Scrap

Some common questions that people have when they are selling gold and silver scrap.

Why Should I Sell Old Jewelry?
Old or broken jewelry can surprisingly be worth a lot of money! Many people have worn a piece for years or even decades, and it is still worth its metal value.

Especially during Coronavirus, gold jewelry may be an easy way to find some additional cash and relieve any undue stress or pressure. Often times when cleaning you can find additional pieces that you haven't worn in a long time.
Do I need an appointment?
Nope! Just bring them in any time. If you have a small amount we can do it while you wait, otherwise we do larger sets of items after store hours.
What can I sell?
You are able to sell anything made of gold or silver including earrings, necklaces, bracelets or pendants. They can have gems or diamonds in them but they can also be plain. They can be in any condition, new, used, or broken. We will only value it based on the individual pieces: the gold value and stone value.
Are the stones valuable?
Along with the value of the gold or silver, you may also have stones mounted in the jewelry. As the primary buyer of jewelry in the county, we have a GIA certified jeweler on staff to look at your diamonds and see if they are of a cut and quality that we would buy. Additionally, if you choose not to sell the stones, or if we are not interested in them, it is possible to unmount the stones and let you keep the stones while selling the metal.

Unfortunately, of the thousands of diamonds we have seen from Jensen's and Riddle's, almost all of them are well below a quality that we would be willing to remount into jewelry and sell. For those pieces, check with the store you bought it from. Any reputable jewelry store should buy back the jewelry that they sell you.
I have an insurance appraisal. Why is it worth so much less to sell?
Insurance appraisals are designed for a very specific purpose, to protect you from losing your jewelry and not being able to replace it. That insurance appraisal is the cost of replacing that exact piece of jewelry for the next five years. However, those pieces are worth a lot less to sell. When you buy the piece, you are primarily paying for the craftsmanship that goes into that piece and making it, not the metals and stones themselves. You can estimate a sell value of 10-15% of the appraisal value.
What does karat mean and how does it change the value?
Gold jewelry is usually between 10 and 18 karat, although it can be anywhere from 4 to 24 karat. Karat is the proportional of actual gold in the metal, on a scale from 0 to 24. For example 12 karat gold would be made out of 50% gold and 50% other alloys. Gold naturally is a very soft metal, so pure, 24 karat gold would be too weak to wear everyday. The most common is 10, 14 and 18 karat gold pieces.

You might be able to check your jewelry and see if there is a stamp on the inside of the ring or the end of a necklace. If it has a number, such as 10K you know it is likely 10 karat gold!
How do your prices compare to the pawn shops?
We have consistently always been the highest bidder in the county. Along with being able to reuse the jewelry, we buy in a much larger quantity than anyone else in the Flathead. Because of this, we get better rates when we ship large quantities off to refineries. These better melting rates we pass along to the customer.

Most pawn shops in the valley will actually bring their jewelry that they don't try to resell in their store to us to sell along with any gold and silver coinage.
Do I have to leave my jewelry?
It will depend on how much you have. If you have a handful, absolutely not. We can do it while you wait. If you have chests full of various pieces, we will have you leave it so that we can do it after store hours. This is very common, and we will usually have 10-20 people drop off jewelry a day. We will separate it into various metals and parts that we would buy. All costume jewelry (or jewelry not made of gold silver or precious stones) will go in a separate pile for you to keep, regardless of if you sell the gold jewelry. You can expect us to be done usually within a few business days.
How long does it take?
It can be as quick as a couple of minutes while you are in the store, or a couple of business days if you have a large amount.
My jewelry is stamped .925, what does that mean?
925 or .925 signifies sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver. This is the most common type of silver used in jewelry or silver. It is not extremely valuable to sell however, and is often something people choose to hang on to.
Do you do estate appraisals for the jewelry and coins and what does it cost?
Yes! We do a lot of jewelry and coin appraisals for estates. The majority are trying to liquidate the assets and for that we do not have a charge. Some however want to keep the items and have it split into equal proportions. For this it will depend on the quantity but will usually run from $100 to $400. Feel free to call us for more information, especially if you have any specific documentation needs.
Do I have to sell right then?
Nope! Especially for specific items it may be better to take a little bit and think about it. Your quote will change based on the changing price of gold and silver. However, it will remain very close to our initial offer. If you are doing an estate, it is harder to bring it back as we have to redo the entire estate the next time.
How much money can I get?
As much as your items are worth. It may be $5 dollars, but it can be tens of thousands of dollars for larger estates. We are capable of handling any size you need to sell.
Can I reuse my old stones?
Absolutely! We often rework stones from pieces that people inherited into new pieces that they would love to wear.
Is this common? Do people often sell jewelry?
Completely! We are buying scrap gold dozens of times per day, and going through tens of estates every week. Feel free to bring in your items any time.
Can I sell my sterling silverware or flatware?
Sterling silver flatware is one of the more common items we buy. We will buy several sets a week from individuals who no longer use the silverware. They can add up quickly, and be worth anywhere from $100 to a couple of thousand for really large collections. If you are not sure if you want to sell, you can bring an individual item of each type (1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon) and get a value for each item to give you an approximate value.